An ongoing series of miniatuture oil paintings that illustrate diary entries exploring personal emotions through poetry. Each piece is unique with no particular order. Each wood panel measures 6 x 6 inches, mirroring pages of a book.

The Meadow

It's nobodies job to save you, and change you. Never let them discourage you or break you. Surround yourself with those who stand by you no matter the circumstance. Remember it's all up to you.


May your home be built on strength found in hardship, patience found in love, courage found in fear, integrity found in failure, and happiness found in pain. May you find goodness in all your bad days.

Light in the Woods

Those who walk away from you in time of pain, in time of need, truly don't deserve you and truly you don't need them.

Picnic Basket

Find someone that leaves behind the best memories. For life greatest gifts are not full of money but rather kind souls with hearts as sweet as honey.

The Current

Don't be afraid to ride the wave, don't be afraid to fight the storm, don't be afraid because you never know where the current will take you.

The Farmer and their Harvest

Cultivate a life that inspires your neighbours to plant their own seeds and grow their own roots.

The Valley

Remember that road, remember that journey, oh what a memory, so sweet, so tender, so blissful, so grateful, filled with no hate. Makes me full like a rich man's dinner plate, oh what a taste.

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